Ramy began his career in beauty after dropping out of law school and moving to Sydney, Australia to attend beauty school. This career change offered Ramy the opportunity to pursue freelance work as a professional makeup artist when he traveled through Singapore and Europe and back to his hometown of New York where he started working for cosmetic companies as he developed his reputation as the go to makeup artist for editorial, television and celebrity makeup.

 Ramy’s philosophy is simple: “Minimum makeup, Maximum impact!”  Meaning, if you select the correct color palette to enhance your features and apply it correctly, you can look younger and more beautiful with a minimum of products and effort.

 Ramy sees clients while working on the development of the RAMY beauty therapyÒ product collection.  His ability to select optimum colors for each individual as well as dramatically lift the eye with his gift for eyebrow shaping, has been written up in the pages of every major fashion and beauty magazines including: Vogue, Allure, Self, Shape, Lucky, Health and Town & Country, to name a few.